Health Tips For Ladies: This Is How You Travel in Style

Travelling is an experience, which has its own advantages and risk factors. It is so much fun, but you will have to consider even personal safety as well. Here are some tips, which would help you to feel safer, making your trip stress-free and enjoyable.

Protect Your Health

For travelling to any country or state, you should check with that nation’s health conditions. There could be some disease spreading or going to spread in that area and hence, it becomes very important to take vaccinations. Book an appointment at Clinique Médicale Diamant to know your health condition.

Insurance Pays

It is essential to be insured when travelling to any place, as you don’t want large medical fees to be spent from your pocket.

Beware of Mosquito Bites

Did you know mosquitoes bite females in preference to male? Yes, it has some scientific evidence. Moreover, it attacks pregnant women in large numbers, due to the fact that they’ve increased surface area and higher body temperature. You should carry some anti-mosquito creams and anti-malarial pill, but pregnant women should be very careful while picking any medication.

Blood Clots

If you’re entering any forest area, then there is a chance of getting mosquito bites or any other insect or animal’s infection, which can lead to blood clot. One big issue for many tourists is developing vein thrombosis and blood clot, which is again going to be in high ratio in women than healthy men. Though it is unusual, the risk can increase by 4 times.

Pregnancy makes ladies 10 times more likely to get a clot. Hence, it is a good move to make a practice of exercising on everyday basis, even while you are travelling.

Other Infections

One of the common issues that most tourists are going through is urine infection. The female bladder would have distracting demands, which would be hard to find privacy for fee. Wear a full, long skirt to avoid this to some extent.

The bacterial infection can increase the desire to go to washroom and it is not that safe to use public places (if it’s very dirty).

For Pregnant Women

As long as you don’t face any complications, the safest time to fly during the second trimester of pregnancy. Check your travel insurance properly and consult your gynecologist to discuss about any concerns or risks you may have.

Hopefully, you found this guide helpful to maintain sanity while travelling. Also check the latest tips for lady travelers from our blog.

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